President's Leadership Award

The President’s Leadership Award recognizes those who are committed to excellence in their service to York.  Individuals nominated for this award perform at a level that inspires professionalism, creativity and innovation across the University community at large.
The award consists of a $500 purse and a framed certificate.  The winner’s name will also be engraved on an annual plaque and displayed in the winner’s home department for one year.

Nomination Package Checklist

Please feel free to download this checklist to help you compile the nomination file and to ensure you have met all of the requirements before completing the online nomination form. NOTE: This checklist does not need to be uploaded on the nomination form, and is for your reference only.


Does your nominee:

  • Adheres to a standard of professionalism that inspires others?
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation?
  • Demonstrate leadership in promoting collaborative efforts and a sense of collegiality across the University and/or beyond?
  • Demonstrate community impact outside of the stated requirements of the position? (This can include internal or external community based participation such as committee work, service on volunteer boards or in an organization.)
  • Regularly and consistently perform at a level that exceeds the requirements of their position and the performance is noticed and has had a significant impact on the unit or Division?
  • Demonstrate initiative that has had an impact on the University beyond the nominee’s department?

If yes, then the President’s Leadership Award is the award you’re looking for!


    Is your nominee:

  • A full time, permanent employee at York, who has been employed for five continuous years as of December 31, 2019?
  • A member of the Confidential, Professional and Managerial employee group?

If yes, then the person you've got in mind is eligible for nomination!

Nomination File Requirements

The Chief Nominator is responsible for putting together a nomination file that consists of:

  • A nomination letter (maximum of 3 pages)
  • The nominee's C.V. or work history at York University
  • The job description of the nominee's current position
  • A minimum of 3 letters total (1 nomination letter and min. 2 letters of support)
  • A maximum of 4 letters (1 nomination letter and max. 3 letters of support)
  • One of the letters of support, OR the nomination letter must be from the nominee’s current Manager
  • The chief nominator and one supporting nominator, OR at least 2 of the supporting nominators must be from outside of the nominee's home department
  • The total number of pages of the entire nomination package does not exceed 15 pages
  • Please illustrate with recent examples of how the nominee meets or exceeds each of the criteria for the award.
  • Please provide statistics/results in the nominations letters.
  • Quotations from other persons are not permitted and letters can only have one author. Multiple authors on a letter are not permitted.
  • Please do not include any references or confidential documents such as employee performance ratings or evaluations.
  • Please do not use acronyms in the letter.
  • Files that have been re-submitted should be updated and reflect recent examples.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.

Excellence is everywhere at York! We urge you to consider nominating someone from outside your home department.

Nomination Forms

Nominations can be submitted using our online application until January 20, 2020 at 4:30 PM EST

Online Form

Please note that extensions for submission cannot be considered.

Selection Committee

The President’s Leadership Award Selection Committee consists of six members, and is chaired by Neville McGuire, Chief of Staff, Office of the President.  Committee members are appointed by the President, and serve for three years.

Members of the Selection Committee may not initiate nominations or write a supporting letter for the President’s Leadership Award.  If a member of the Selection Committee is nominated for the award, they shall resign from the committee.