President's Leadership Award

The President’s Leadership Award recognizes those who are committed to excellence in their service to York.  Individuals nominated for this award perform at a level that inspires professionalism, creativity and innovation across the University community at large.
The award consists of a $500 purse and a framed certificate.  The winner’s name will also be engraved on an annual plaque and displayed in the winner’s home department for one year.

Nomination Package Checklist

Please feel free to download this checklist to help you compile the nomination file and to ensure you have met all of the requirements before completing the online nomination form. NOTE: This checklist does not need to be uploaded on the nomination form, and is for your reference only.


Does your nominee:

  • Adheres to a standard of professionalism that inspires others?
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation?
  • Demonstrate leadership in promoting collaborative efforts and a sense of collegiality across the University and/or beyond?
  • Demonstrate community impact outside of the stated requirements of the position? (This can include internal or external community based participation such as committee work, service on volunteer boards or in an organization.)
  • Regularly and consistently perform at a level that exceeds the requirements of their position and the performance is noticed and has had a significant impact on the unit or Division?
  • Demonstrate initiative that has had an impact on the University beyond the nominee’s department?

If yes, then the President’s Leadership Award is the award you’re looking for!

Stay tuned for next year’s nomination process!